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The chat have been nice猫咪社区免费视频在线观看

Continued from part 8. My stories are true, and am posting them continuously. Hope you enjoy. Recommend starting at part 1.   This one may be a little long My business trip was successful.  I was able to get everything done and set up for my team. Meeting Anthony while on business like I did made it very hot and also made me look forward to more trips to this small town sooner than later to get more work done in this small town, but also to get to know Anthony more as well. We chatted a bit before I left, but was not able to see him again before leaving. I could not stop thinking about it. How through out the day we chatted and flirted, when he responded to my ad. How he said "Im sure you're getting alot of messages with those pics you posted ". How it worked out that he worked nights, How Anthony stopped by during his lunch, How he was a complete stranger and came too my room, and not only did he come to my room but he ended up fucking me during his lunch with his rock hard cock!   I was so hard on the drive home replaying it all in my head.We kept in touch but I was not sure when I would be back to his town but I made sure to keep in contact. I had not chatted with Gary or Mike either. Everyone became busy. When I did chat with Gary, he would always ask about Mike. I didnt tell him about the trip I took and what happened there.  After a while Myself and Gary talked less and less.  Our careers had us super busy. He wanted something serious and I couldn't. So we stayed friends but kind of moved on from there. I began to date females but I still wanted that feelling. To be on the bottom. To be submissive. So I decided to jump online on a chat one day just to see. Again I seemed to come across the black gentleman that I believe lives in my neighborhood. I flirted with him a bit but nothing serious. I got nervous thinking it was too close to home. But the thought of a Black man and White man just did something to me!   Nothing else really came from the chats until I had a brief chat with Tony.  Tony was a realtor. We had a quick chat, exchanged pics and really seemed to click.  He said he wanted to keep in touch so I said it sounded good and saved his contact. We briefly chatted two more times, he was always in a rush it seemed. So the last time we chatted he asked if we could exchange #s to be able to chat better so we did. We talked once on the phone and decided it would be good to meet one day, all seemed to be okay with what we were looking for but we were both busy! Kind of became the theme, everyone was busy!Our chats were brief but to the point.  We expressed what we wanted and were looking for. He was an older white gentleman, but from the pics he looked like he took care of himself.  He seemed very mature and from what he described, sounded like he knew how to handle a submissive man! We both didnt want to waste time and I liked that. One morning he sent me a text very early. "Hey i'll be in the downtown area today around noon, if you're in the area let me know. I'll be showing a house".  The text was early enough to where I could schedule my day to make sure I could be in that area. So I did just that.  I let him know that I would actually be in that area also.  He responded with "Okay, i'll be in a white BMW, if you see it alone outside the house then come in".  Then he sent the address.   I made sure  I was clean and smelled very good this day. The time came and I drove to the address. When I got close, I could see there were two cars at the location, So I kept driving. I waited 15 minutes and drove by again and saw the bmw was alone, so I pulled up and parked a few houses down. I got nervous as I began to exit the vehicle, but at the same time I got kind of excited.  This was not normally me. Especially going out of my way like this to meet a complete stranger and a man but after the hot hotel meet up, which was not normal either, It kind of turned me on.  I quickly calmed myself by reminding myself I was just gonna meet him and see how things went then go from there, at least that was the plan! I walked up and knocked on the door.  Tony walked up and opened the door. "Is it really you?".   "Yes it's me" I responded. He opened the door and gave me a quick hug as he greeted me.  The energy was definitely nice, the attraction was there and also the sexual energy was instant just like in our chat but we both kept cool and professional. He was shorter than expected but still nice looking.  We caught up quickly and he asked if I wanted a tour of the home and I said sure!  As he gave me a tour we chatted, he would do a quick tease then switch to showing the house. I was getting turned on but would keep my cool and tried going the hard to get route. Especially since it was our first time meeting in person. Setting was definitely turning me on though. Empty home, Hot realtor, giving me a tour, knowing the connection was already made, both wanted the same thing! He was a top, me a bottom. It was all set and ready I thought!We got to the back yard and he asked what I thought.  I told him the place was nice. Was in an older neighborhood but a great location. "Not the place" he responded. I immediately knew what he meant but again acted like I didn't. He got close to me and I allowed it. I didn't move away or anything. I asked "Whose place is this?".   He responded with "It's a friends of mines, he had to move in a rush so now I'm here trying to sell it for him".   "Nice" I said,  "So no one will be home then?".     He smiled and said "nope,  have no one else coming to look at the home either" he said. We looked at each other and I think we both had a quick thought of the same thing. The sexual energy was very strong but we both kept professional. Again I got nervous. I thought to myself, am I really gonna allow another stranger to have me?Tony then said "Let me show you the rest".  He walked me towards the front of the house. We walked into the room that ended up being the master bedroom. It was nice. I looked around a bit. Again Tony came close from behind me. He asked what I thought and I said it was nice. Then Tony said "What about this?" and when I turned around Tony had a little surprise. He had his pants opened up and cock in his hand slowly stroking. His cock was so BIG and thick!  It looked so nice that even though I tried to stay strong, I just had to reach out and hold it. "Very nice," I responded. I didn't stroke him, I just held it. I thought about how big it was. None of the men I had played with were even close to his size. It got me nervous and aroused! Of Course I began to think about how it would feel, to have this very big cock in me. How much would it hurt?  I began to get hard myself and he noticed.I let go and said "I really liked this part of the house" and walked out of the room and towards the hall. I'm sure he was surprised, but I just again was playing hard to get and also didn't like the room. It seemed too bright. The area I walked towards was in the back and the lighting seemed darker and better. He followed behind. I noticed he put himself away, but it wouldn't be for long. I ended up walking into a custom shower area. Very nice.  It was also kind of dark. As I turned around Tony stood in the doorway. We locked eyes and I think he noticed he had me where he wanted me, because I ended up looking away from the looks he was giving me. I acted like I was looking around again (for the third time) and when I turned back around Tony was still at the doorway but this time again he had his big cock out of his pants! He slowly stroked himself as he watched me and began to describe the shower (As if he was trying to sell me the place).   It was so hot, especially to catch glimpses of him stroking that huge cock. I had acted long enough,97久久天天综合色天天综合色hd there wasnt anymore to see so I began to walk towards him as to walk out but he did not move. He stood at the door way. Still holding that big ole cock. Thoughts quickly rushed through my head, The chat have been nice, both seemed mature, attraction definitely there, he looked very clean, seemed very safe, both wanted the same thing, both didn't want to waste time, He was white and a gentleman which was a big turn on, and had a beautiful big white cock, we were alone in an empty house, I decided to allow what was gonna happen and reached for that big white dick again. I stroked it slowly as I whispered "you have such a nice cock Tony".  He tilted his head back a bit as he enjoyed my hand grabbing and stroking him slowly. He had to be over 8 inches (like myself) but he was definitely thicker. I slowly began to stroke him a little faster. His head continued to tilt back as he moaned a little. I myself began to breathe a little faster as I watched his big white cock in my hand begin to get a little wet at the tip. I had been fantasizing about having a big cock (black or white), and here I was holding exactly what I had been wanting. While I was so nervous and thinking of what I should do next, Tony reached for the back of my neck area and slowly began to pull me towards him. He then slowly began to push me down to my knees. Again thoughts rushed through my head but then I came face to face with his big white cock and I just couldn't hold back. I quickly opened my mouth and he slowly pushed it right in. I was so turned on, that I gasped and moaned a bit as I took this huge cock into my mouth. I was even more turned on because I could not take it in with his initial push, I had to open my mouth even wider to get it in my mouth. I thought to myself oh my, his cock is huge! But I opened wide and began to suck this big dick. I began to get super hard as I thought about how I had been wanting to try a big cock and here I was with my mouth opened very wide sucking on a very nice very big white cock. Every time I went to put it into my mouth it seemed like I had to open even wider. "Ohh man, you  suck good dick" he moaned as he slowly gripped my head while he thrusted his hips. I reached up to his hips with both hands and helped him guide that dick into my mouth. The feeling of how big his cock felt in my mouth was such a turn on, I tried to take it as deep as I could but as he made me gag when he pushed all the way in. He knew he was too big, so he made sure not to push too far in.He then pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up. He reached for my belt and began to open my pants and unzip me. "Your such a hot latino" he whispered as he  pulled my rock hard cock out. "Oh wow, your fucken hung too" as he stroked my cock a bit. He then put both of our cocks together. "Look at all this meat" he whispered,  he quickly dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. He moaned as he sucked fast and hard. It felt so good that I had to lean back and hold onto the restroom sink and vanity area. "fuck" I whispered as he moaned "uh huh".  The sounds of his breathing and saliva were getting louder and louder. Then I realized, oh shit, we are in his friend's house which he is trying to sell. Then I thought well if he isn't worried about it, then why should I be then I went back to enjoying how good he was sucking my dick. Tony then stood up quickly, and began to unbuckle my pants more. I realized what he was doing. He wanted to fuck me. I again thought about the location. His friend's house. What if someone comes in? Should I slow him down or even stop him? but then I thought about his big nice cock and how it might feel and said FUCK IT!  let me submit to him.  So I let him continue. He pulled my pants down to my ankles and turned me around. He pushed me forward so I bent over for him and grabbed the sink area. His hands grabbed my cheeks and spread them slowly.  MMMM he whispered.  "I been wanting this ass ever since you sent me that picture" . He squeezed my ass as I felt him spread them and his wet tongue began to prep my whole for what was coming next. It felt so good. I reached back and pushed his head into my ass more. His tongue penetrated my whole a bit.  He pushed his tongue more and more into me. Then he stood up and began to unbuckle his pants. He pulled some lube and condoms out of his pocket so he was definitely prepared and had plans already I realized.I stayed bent over the sink, as I watched him prepare. Putting the condom on that big cock then lubing it up. He then added lube to me as well. The nerves were no longer there, I was now preparing for the possible pain and feeling from taking him in my tight boy pussy.  I had never had one that big, and to be honest I was getting excited. Tony then again came from behind me. He gently pushed me more down towards the sink to bend me over more. While he kept one hand on me pushing me down I felt him begin to aim that big white cock. I could feel his cock spreading my cheeks as he found the spot. Then he slowly began to push. "OH MY ......." I moaned as I felt his cock spread me open! I got up on my toes to adjust as he continued to slowly push! My body tensed from the pain of my asshole spreading so much but he gently held me there until he got all of that cock inside me. I could feel the size of it and he held it there. He whispered "are you okay?" and I moaned back "yes!" as he left his cock in me to get me used to it and molded to his big cock. After a few minutes he began to slowly pull back then push into me again very slowly. He knew exactly what he was doing with his big tool. I moaned and breathed as I felt him continue to spread my hole.  He noticed once I was able to relax my body, and put my feet back on the ground. That's when he began to really make me feel how big his cock was. He knew exactly what he was doing with that big cock. I began to relax more and would bend over and adjust more for his cock. Every time I did that he pushed harder and faster. Then the slapping sounds began, from him speeding up his fucking. That big white cock felt so good in my ass. My asshole felt so full. I looked down and seen my big cock bouncing around from him fucking me with that big dick. I let myself go, I began to moan loud as Tony fucked me in this shower area. It was dim in there, and I could catch a little action through the mirror. It was so fucken hot.  "Give me that big dick" I moaned and he did!  He gave me all of it. After I got used to him deep in me, he pushed deeper and harder. It felt so good. I wanted to see this big dick spreading my ass. I would try to look but couldnt get a real good look, especially from him pounding into me. I came up with an idea. I reached over and grabbed my phone and put it on to record video. I reached under to see some action.  I became so turned on when I got a glimpse of the action.  That big white cock pushing in and out of me. FUCK!   Then he reached over and took my phone from me. He began to record from behind. "You want so see this big white dick in your latin ass?" he moaned.  as he began to pound me more. I think we were both so hot from the action and also the recording taking place. After a few minutes he put my phone down and continued to pound my ass. At this point my hole was numb from that dick working it.  I began to stroke myself very hard. Within minutes I moaned "Im gonna cum".   He responded with "me too" .  I began to cum on the counter top as he pushed hard and deep into me. "oh fuck" he moaned and I knew he was cumming.  Knowing that big dick was cumming into me (Condom) was such a turn on.   He hugged and held me from behind until we were both able to gather ourselves.  "You are so fucking hot" he gasped. "We have to keep in touch" Yes, I responded as we both began to get our clothes back on. We chatted a little as I walked towards the front of the house. "I'm so glad you came" he said as we hugged and I excused myself and walked out the front door.  That was so fucken hot I kept thinking as I got into my car and left.   I ended up going home to clean up instead of heading back to work. While I showered I remembered about the videos, So i reached for my phone and began to watch what he recorded. The view was just perfect. He recorded me bent over and had a great view of that nice big white cock going deep inside of me. You could see how spread open my ass was. I began to think about how full my as felt with his thick cock. The view of my ass cheeks bouncing also from his pushing into me was just hot. I instantly got hard again as I thought about how full my ass felt and had to jack off again in the shower. I could not stop thinking about Tonys cock. I felt very sore but in a very good way as I got ready and headed back to work.........To be continued(love to read and respond to comments, so feel free to leave some. Part 10 coming soon)



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